From the author of My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down, QUALIFICATION: A Graphic Memoir in Twelve Steps is a new graphic memoir brimming with black humor, that explores the ultimate irony: the author’s addiction to 12-step programs.

David Heatley had an unquestionably troubled and eccentric childhood: his father a sexually repressed alcoholic, his mother an overworked compulsive overeater. Then David’s mother gains control of her weight through Overeaters Anonymous, and a sense of support and community from Al-Anon. She coaxes David’s father into AA as well, and it seems to help. David, meanwhile, grows up struggling with his own troublesome sexual urges and seeking some way to make sense of it all. Eventually he starts attending meetings too. Alcoholics Anonymous. Overeaters Anonymous. Debtors Anonymous. Sexaholics Anonymous. More and more meetings. Meetings for issues he doesn’t have. With stark, sharply drawn art and unflinching honesty, Heatley explores the strange and touching relationships he develops, and the truths about himself and his family he is forced to confront while “working” an ever-increasing number of programs. The result is a complicated, unsettling, and hilarious journey—of far more than 12 steps.