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1h 30min | Documentary | 2020

Directed by Shalini Kantayya
Starring Meredith Broussard, Joy Buolamwini, Silkie Carlo

An exploration of the fallout of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini's startling discovery of racial bias in facial recognition algorithms.

Listed among "the best of Sundance" by The Denver Post, nominated for Best Science/Nature Documentary by the Critics Choice Documentary Awards, and predicted by Variety to be an Oscar contender, WMM's newest release CODED BIAS was made with the support of WMM's Production Assistance Program.

At 8:30 pm on Nov 19, The Coolidge invites you to view a special livestreamed discussion on their YouTube channel.

"Join us for a livestreamed discussion of CODED BIAS, moderated by CNN Commentator Van Jones. The panel will feature Joy Buolamwini, Founder, Algorithmic Justice League, Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble, Author, Algorithms of Oppression, Clare Garvie, Researcher, The Perpetual Lineup, Shalini Kantayya, director of Coded Bias, Kade Crockford, Director, Technology for Liberty Program, ACLU, and Alvaro Bedoya, Founding Director, Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law."


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Not Rated | 1h 51min | Documentary, Biography | 2019

Directed by Ric Burns
Starring Oliver Sacks, Roberto Calasso, Kate Edgar

A month after receiving a fatal diagnosis in January 2015, Oliver Sacks sat down for a series of filmed interviews in his apartment in New York City. For eighty hours, surrounded by family, friends, and notebooks from six decades of thinking and writing about the brain, he talked about his life and work, his abiding sense of wonder at the natural world, and the place of human beings within it. Drawing on these deeply personal reflections, as well as nearly two dozen interviews with close friends, family members, colleagues and patients, and archival material from every point in his life, this film is the story of a beloved doctor and writer who redefined our understanding of the brain and mind.

Companion video by Athens local John Helmly, LPC, NCC

Oliver Sacks Q&A from The Coolidge Corner Theatre


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Ciné is proud to participate in this year's SCIENCE ON SCREEN®, a grant initiative of the Coolidge Corner Theatre, in partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, that creatively pairs current, classic, cult, and documentary films with lively introductions by notable figures from the world of science, technology, and medicine.

Not Rated | 1h 21min | Documentary | 2019

Directed by Loui Schwartzberg
Starring Brie Larson, Andrew Weil, Giuliana Furci

Fantastic Fungi is a descriptive time-lapse journey about the magical, mysterious and medicinal world of fungi and their power to heal, sustain and contribute to the regeneration of life on Earth that began 3.5 billion years ago.

“Schwartzberg’s film quickly proves to be one of the year’s most mind-blowing, soul-cleansing and yes, immensely entertaining triumphs.”

~ Matt Fagerholm,

Drs. Anthony Glenn (Toxicologist, mycotoxins, USDA) and Marin Brewer (Plant pathologist, UGA) will let us know why mushrooms should be loved and feared with their brief talk, "Fantastic Fungi: friend and foe".


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1h 27min | Romantic Comedy

A modern telling of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” Wren Cosgrove is a happy, single, and self-confessed workaholic who, after rising to the top of the corporate ladder, finds herself coming home every night to her cat. When her firm is hired by Owen Jasper, “the man who got away,” long-lost feelings are stirred, giving Wren a second chance at true love.


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1h 34min | Comedy, Drama | 2019

Directed by Sandra Kogut
Starring Regina Casé, Rogério Fróes, Gisele Fróes

Over a trio of summers, a caretaker for luxury condominiums relies on her resourcefulness and her eye for opportunity to take advantage of whatever comes her way as her employers are caught in major corruption scandals.


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1h 24min | Dark Comedy, Horror, Thriller | 2020

Directed by Quinn Armstrong
Starring Stacy Keach, Vayu O'Donnell, Spencer Garrett, Erika Kreutz

Survival Skills is a lost police training video from the 1980s. Jim, the perfect policeman in a perfect relationship in a perfect community, gets in over his head when he tries to resolve a domestic violence case. Before long, the ugly underbelly of the ‘Good Guys in Blue’ begins to expose itself and Jim decides to take matters into his own hands.


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1h 32min | Documentary | 2019

Directed by Tania Cypriano

BORN TO BE follows the work of Dr. Jess Ting (he/him) at the groundbreaking Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. There, for the first time ever in New York City, transgender and gender non-binary people have access to quality gender-affirming care. With extraordinary access, this remarkable documentary offers an intimate look at how one doctor’s work impacts the lives of his patients as well as how his journey from renowned plastic surgeon to pioneering gender-affirming specialist has led to his own transformation.

Dr. Ting's patients are as diverse as the city itself. Cashmere (she/her), decades sober and with a zest for life, offers an invaluable queer history lesson as she looks back on the tumultuous existence she once led on the streets of New York. Jordan (they/them) is non-binary and, with their nurturing partner by their side, finally has the support they need to take the next step in their transition. The loquacious Garnet (she/her) moved to New York City to transition and has the full support of her family, but still struggles with depression. Shawn (he/him) signed up for a new type of gender-affirming surgery pioneered by Dr. Ting with the help of brave patients like him. And heart- and scene-stealer Mahogany (she/her) was once a successful male model, but sacrificed her career to begin life as the woman she is. Through their stories, their joys and hardships, the film addresses the nuances and complexities of gender, exploring key issues around the human right to define gender for oneself.


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1h 26min | Drama, Romance | 2019

Directed by Hong Khaou
Starring Henry Golding, Parker Sawyers, David Tran

Kit (Henry Golding, Crazy Rich Asians) returns to Ho Chi Minh City for the first time since he was six years old when his family fled the country in the aftermath of the Vietnam-American war. There he meets Lee, his estranged second cousin, Linh, a young Vietnamese student, and arranges an online date that turns into something more with Lewis (Parker Sawyers, Southside With You), an American clothing designer. Struggling to make sense of himself in a city he’s no longer familiar with, he embarks on a personal journey across the country that opens up the possibility for friendship, love and happiness.


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1h 25min | Drama, Romance | 2020

Directed by Zeina Durra
Starring Andrea Riseborough, Michael Landes, Shirin Redha

When British aid worker Hana returns to the ancient city of Luxor, she meets former lover Sultan. As she wanders, haunted by the familiar place, she struggles to reconcile the choices of the past with the uncertainty of the present.


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1h 32min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 2019

Directed by Julio Vincent Gambuto
Starring Louis Cancelmi, Owen Vaccaro, Thomas Kopache

Marco, 12, is obsessed with his iPad and hardly leaves the house. But when his grandmother dies and his grandfather moves in, Marco's life is turned upside-down and he's go play outside. "Nonno" (Grandpa) introduces him to bocce ball and to the neighborhood crew of old Italian men who play daily at the local court. With sport, laughter and love, Marco finds connection to other people and rounds up a team of neighborhood kids to take on Marco's grandfather and his pals.


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1h 41min | Drama, Sci-Fi | 2019

Directed by Gabriel Mascaro
Starring Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Antonio Pastich

A woman uses her bureaucratic job to convince divorcing couples to stay together is utterly committed to getting pregnant by her husband in a future of dance parties, ritualistic orgies and fundamentalist Christianity.

Free Divine Love Q&A from Outsider Pictures


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Not Rated | 1h 30min | Documentary | 2020

Directed by Alice Gu
Starring Chuong Pek Lee, Susan Lim, Ted Ngoy

Everything you thought you knew about the donut begins with Ted Ngoy. THE DONUT KING tells the unlikely story of Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who arrived in America in 1975 with nothing and set out to build a multi-million-dollar empire by baking America’s favorite pastry, the donut. Ngoy soon found himself living a classic rags to riches narrative after sponsoring hundreds of visas for fellow Cambodian immigrants, helping them get on their feet in a new land by teaching them the ways of the donut business and amassing a small personal fortune. By the mid 1990’s, Cambodian-Americans owned nearly 80% of the donut industry as a result of his influence. But, in life, great rises can come with even greater falls. THE DONUT KING is a story of tenacity, survival, redemption, and above all else, the power of the American Dream.


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R | 1h 30min | Drama | 2019

Directed by Max Winkler
Starring Charlie Hunnam, Jonathan Majors, Jessica Barden

Two brothers try to escape their circumstances by travelling across the country for a no holds barred boxing match that becomes a fight for their lives.


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