We have introduced some new features to our membership program, including new member ID cards and online ticketing access! 

NEW ID CARDS:  We have new swipe-able Member ID cards, made from recycled plastic. All current members are welcome to pick up their new member cards the next time you visit the cinema.

ONLINE LOGIN:  All current members will now be able to log in to our online ticketing platform to purchase discounted tickets in advance for any member-discounted screening or event — including Tuesday Member Nights!

To renew your Ciné membership online, please log in here. If you haven't yet logged into your online membership account, you can do so by selecting "Activate New Membership" and entering the email associated with your account. You'll be able to create an account, with which you can renew or change your membership, update your contact details, and purchase advance member tickets online.

If after selecting "Activate New Membership" you don't receive a confirmation email, it is because we have no email address associated with your account. Please contact our membership coordinator with your email address at [ membership AT ]

To renew at the cinema, simply head to the bar and ask to renew your membership! We can renew at the register, and time permitting give you a new membership card, popcorn card, and parking pass if applicable.

PASS REDEMPTION:  Members who sign up or renew after March 2018 will no longer receive paper screening passes, and instead will now be able to redeem their free tickets by logging in to our online ticketing platform — or by presenting the new member card at the box office or lobby register.  Please note: online redemption is only possible for members who have provided an valid email address with their contact information.  Members who signed up or renewed prior to March 2018 will need to continue to use their physical paper screening passes to redeem those free tickets.

FULFILLMENT:  Members who sign up or renew online through our new member sign up and renewal site will be able to pick up their membership packet within two business days at the cinema. Members who would like to sign up or renew in person at the cinema will be able to pick up their membership packets the following business day at the cinema. If any new or renewing members would like their member packets mailed to them instead, please contact our membership coordinator directly.

QUESTIONS?  Please reach out to us with any feedback, questions or issues using these new features, by contacting our membership coordinator by email: [ membership AT ]